Reasons to come to ProductCamp Amsterdam 2016

19 Sep

The most important reason: there’s nothing quite like it! ProductCamp is the first and only event about product management in the Netherlands. Because we think you might be interested in the reasons our interviewees are coming to ProductCamp we’d like to share them with you.

Why would you go to ProductCamp?

For most of the people the most important reason is to meet other product managers, share knowledge & experiences and learn new ways to manage products. Not only because it’s fun to meet new product people; some are the only product manager at their company and ProductCamp is a way for them to benchmark ideas and brainstorm about how to deal with challenges.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned product manager or rookie in the business:

It feels as a rewarding day to connect with other professionals in the field, have a forum to discuss your challenges, learn from other experiences and get up to date on hot topics and trends.

The good thing is: what topics are to be discussed is up to you. So what do others want to talk about?

What would you like to be discussed?

The topics mentioned reflect the diversity of the role of a product manager. Where some are interested in topics like:

Marketing, API’s, pricesetting, customer development or..;

Scrum: like maintaining backlogs, how to go from large epics, to smaller stories and to details;

Others want to discuss the psychologic aspects of the pm-role:

How to get the best work out of your team;

The best way to collaborate with business development; and

How to get Sales on board.

What could you contribute?

Almost everyone was very motivated to contribute to the discussion. No sit back and relax but join in actively.

Some of the subjects mentioned:

“I can share about our attempt introducing product management in our company”

“How to do early validation of new product ideas (based on lean canvas)”

“Share experiences of the BPM market”

“A practical workshop about technical cost estimation”

“My experience as an entrepreneur, my enthousiasm and knowledge about E-business.”

And a great reply from an experienced product guy:

“I have been in the product management space for 7.5 years and have dealt with a lot of different situations, challenges, successes and failures for mobile and web products. I have maybe faced some challenges that others are currently facing and maybe have some tips… and vice versa!”

Although not everyone feels as confident, they certainly are positive they can contribute:

“I don’t feel I have enough knowledge, but I’m certainly interested in mapping processes, scrum boards, story maps, visualising processes and love to share my ideas about it.”

Other tips

It would be interesting to make more visible per person what they are interested in, for instance to write on their badge what topics they would like to discuss.
And one of the pm’s suggested to share the experiences of all sessions afterwards, in case you missed a session. We’d love to consider to do both.

Really? No other events?

Fortunately in countries other than The Netherlands events about product management are organized. For instance you might want to go to London each year where all product people unite at the Mind The Product conference, be sure to check out their blog as well.

Can you contribute to one or more topics mentioned above? Or would you like to suggest a topic yourself? Join the discussion at ProductCamp Amsterdam.

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