Not a traditional presentation, but a discussions between experts, lead by one person, true unconference style. To sponsor a session, all you have to do is come up with a great topic and find enough interested people.

Some of you have already shown interest in sharing your experience in the form of a presentation. Likewise, we know that you are all interested in the sessions that will be hosted on November 20th. Although we want to stay true to the unconference principles and create the agenda together on the day of the ProductCamp, we want to encourage everybody to already start suggesting and discussing session topics.

Anyone with a great idea for a presentation can now post this on our new UserVoice website. Everyone can take a look at the list and vote on the ones they find interesting. On the day of ProductCamp, we will use the results to plan the location and time of all the presentations.

So if you have a great idea for a session, if you are desperate to share your expertise with like-minded people, or if you just have a nice story to tell, let us know by submitting a small summary on our website. And don’t forget to vote on the ones you like! (please note that each session is approximately 45-60 minutes. This should include ample time for discussion).