Publitas – Breakfast Sponsor!

Online software waarmee retailers hun online en mobiele conversie vergroten doormiddel van geweldige digitale folders.


CG Selecties – Lunch Sponsor!

Our business is finding those end-users (respondents) with which you can research whether your ideas match your target group. Our clients consist of national and international organizations who pride themselves on good web performance.

We already recruit these respondents for companies such as Wehkamp, ING, and Hyves and for specialized usability bureaus such as Jungle minds, Netmarketing, Netprofiler and Mirabeau.


MeasureWorks – Drinks Sponsor!

Performance is your competitive advantage! Do you want to maximize revenue and drive customer loyalty by identifying problems before customers do? And quantify how web performance impacts your business results?

MeasureWorks measures, analyzes and improves the quality of experience of online retailers, travel agencies, financial institutions and other online services. We observe their visitors closely, find out how they perceive quality, and identify which areas require improvements. And then enable them to create loyal customers by managing their services continuous and proactively.


Hyves – Venue Sponsor!

Hyves is the largest Dutch content network. With news, sports and entertainment it connects people and shows where the Dutch are talking about. Hyves stands for local relevance and valuable contacts. The network has 9.7 million Dutch members and receives 4.6 million unique visitors per month through the regular web and 1.8 million through mobile. Monthly reach is 7.1 million (Comscore Sept 2011). The average age is 29 years.



The new era of Engagement Banking requires financials to change their thinking. Instead of a product or system (inside-out) perspective, they must start thinking like a customer (outside-in). This isn’t easy. Applications and IT systems can be fragmented (siloed) and complex, which makes them difficult to change and hard to create a true outside-in, online experience. Backbase Bank 2.0 Portal overcomes this challenge. It empowers financials to create outside-in customer interactions creating a new user experience layer that links customers to relevant information and resources based on their needs and preferences. Backbase helps financial organizations to re-use their existing systems, and enter the era of ‘Engagement Banking’ where they manage and optimize their online customer experiences and grow revenue and loyalty.



Since 2005, Buckaroo has been the leading provider of payment solutions in the Netherlands, specialized in billing & payment for companies and online payment for web shops. Our extensive range of payment solutions allow our merchants to make their entire payment process, including the collection and the associated administrative processes, almost fully automated. This automated process also covers all exceptions, such as: overpaid transactions, underpaid transactions, not paid transactions, and absence of proper payment or return characteristics. This saves a merchant a lot of time on back office activities and you collect your claims in a faster and more customer-friendly manner.



Fingertips offers design and development services for Web, iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X apps. On most projects, the scope of our work is full lifecycle; from initial requirements gathering all the way to production, as well as full depth; from front-end human interface design deep down into the back-end architecture. We’re also available to get projects in trouble back on track. First we perform a code audit and identify organizational issues that might have adversely affected progress and quality. Then we’ll improve, redesign, refactor and rewrite until the project is back up to standard.


Sequent Learning

Sequent Learning Networks is a global training and consulting firm. We are the world’s most experienced professionals in the field of product management and marketing. We help product managers, marketers, and executives in the world’s leading firms to improve the success of their products and services. Our goal is to catalyze our clients so that they can make durable, long-lasting, improvements to their products, services, and their organizations.



Testpeople is een specialist op het gebied van software testen. Testen is communicatie. Communicatie is mensenwerk. Bij Testpeople houden we van testen en van mensen. Dat dragen we niet alleen uit met onze naam, het zit in ons bloed. Ons uitgangspunt is: als de medewerker tevreden is, dan is de opdrachtgever dat ook. Door te werken aan de inhoud van het werk, een open en opmerkelijke beloning en een persoonlijke benadering wordt dit uitgangspunt een feit. Bovenal geldt voor Testpeople: plezier in je werk!


Wibu Systems

When companies like SONY, Kodak, Motorola and Siemens think of software security and DRM (Digital Rights Management) for documents and media, they think of Wibu-Systems. These companies demand reliable and distinctive security solutions, and recognize that a company focused on DRM technologies since 1989, a company that consistently wins industry awards and a company that is looking ahead to the next danger instead of just dealing with the current one, is the right company for them to do business with.



Our entrepreneurial roots and mindset have been driving us to serve entrepreneurial businesses with information technology since 1984. We support people in being in control of their business and in having the freedom to concentrate on what is important to them.

Our sophisticated software solutions support all business processes and activities in a wide variety of industries. Ranging from software for payroll and financial & online bookkeeping, to business analytics, shop management and specialized ERP solutions.



Xebia is the specialist in Agile, Java development and architecture. With more than two hundred and fifty highly experienced consultants, Xebia helps its customers introduce Agile methods with the help of change management, coaching and training. The international organization offers consulting and carries out complete projects from its offices in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and India. Xebia develops software based on Java technology and the Agile method, for which it uses distributed development teams. Xebia works together with its customers to create targets and, step-by-step, provides working software with the highest added business value. It monitors project progress constantly with the help of functioning products or prototypes. This form of collaboration turns out to be less expensive and the results always live up to the aim.



Ons team bestaat uit echte professionals. Wij hebben jaren lange ervaring op het gebied van product-, sales-, en projectmanagement van nieuwe media, Content Management Software en het inzetten van de “slimme-webtools” bij diverse webprojecten in Nederland en België.
MediaPlotter.nl staat klaar om succesvolle webapp/mobile websites te optimaliseren en/of te bouwen. Na het inventariseren van de webwensen en behoefte volgt er een helder plan van aanpak om de doelstellingen van A tot Z te realiseren.
Ook online-salesmanagement en de ondersteuning daarvan behoort tot een van de kernactviteiten.



Strawberries is an Amsterdam based Full-service internet bureau that focuses on e-business. At Strawberries we believe that an important prerequisite to the realization of a successful e-business project is the demonstration of knowledge in both theareas of usability/design and IT. We always work for our clients clients, setting up the websites explicitly for their customers. We have established a strong fusion of both disciplines; the resulting synergy ensures conceptually sound websites with outstanding user-friendly design and progressive technology. We work for retailers and direct producers, in the B2C as well as B2B market, use the latest techniques (Hybris, Backbase, Hippo, Alterian etc..) and have a high ambition in quality assurance.


GiMiScale – Smarter Clouds

GiMiScale is the leading provider in Europe of cloud management solutions that enables companies to architect, design, deploy, manage and automate applications running in cloud-based infrastructures. Our soon to be launched online Cloud Management Platform (CMP) will provide a secure, easy to use web interface for our customers with comprehensive functionalities, fit to purpose dashboard, graphical build/architect tools and complete project management suite.

What can we do for you? We can set-up a test & development environment in the cloud for free based on your product specifications!


Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing’s training is based on the fundamental belief that a company’s products need to be grounded in a strategy that is driven by the market. We combine this core principle with a team of instructors who have real-world experience leading high tech product teams, to deliver training seminars that are informative, entertaining, and impactful. To find out how you or your company can join the growing international community of more than 75,000 product management and marketing professionals trained by Pragmatic Marketing, visit http://www.pragmaticmarketing.com.


Compuware Uniface

Compuware’s Uniface development environment enables outstanding productivity in building, renewing and integrating large, complex applications. These are easily deployable to all major platforms including the Cloud.