Sponsors 2012


MeasureWorks ensures fast and reliable websites and mobile apps. We are constantly working to analyze and optimize the performance of our customers online environment, to exceed their business objectives. Therefore we create and combine data from different data sources. Combined with the expertise of our consultants it will result in concrete, actionable insights. Customers like Bol.com, Thomas Cook and GlobalCollect manage, with MeasureWorks help, real-time the impact of performance on their business objectives and deliver a user experience that exceeds the expectations of online visitors.



Since 2005, Buckaroo has been the leading provider of payment solutions in the Netherlands, specialized in billing & payment for companies and online payment for web shops. Our extensive range of payment solutions allow our merchants to make their entire payment process, including the collection and the associated administrative processes, almost fully automated. This automated process also covers all exceptions, such as: overpaid transactions, underpaid transactions, not paid transactions, and absence of proper payment or return characteristics. This saves a merchant a lot of time on back office activities and you collect your claims in a faster and more customer-friendly manner.



Testpeople is een specialist op het gebied van software testen. Testen is communicatie. Communicatie is mensenwerk. Bij Testpeople houden we van testen en van mensen. Dat dragen we niet alleen uit met onze naam, het zit in ons bloed. Ons uitgangspunt is: als de medewerker tevreden is, dan is de opdrachtgever dat ook. Door te werken aan de inhoud van het werk, een open en opmerkelijke beloning en een persoonlijke benadering wordt dit uitgangspunt een feit. Bovenal geldt voor Testpeople: plezier in je werk!


Wibu Systems

When companies like SONY, Kodak, Motorola and Siemens think of software security and DRM (Digital Rights Management) for documents and media, they think of Wibu-Systems. These companies demand reliable and distinctive security solutions, and recognize that a company focused on DRM technologies since 1989, a company that consistently wins industry awards and a company that is looking ahead to the next danger instead of just dealing with the current one, is the right company for them to do business with.



Proficientz is a training and consulting firm that specializes in B2B product portfolio management. Our framework, tools and training programs help product management teams adopt broader views of the market, identify bigger opportunities and deliver higher value solutions. A single portfolio strategy and simple business practices improve day-to-day product execution.



Mobillion biedt marketing en communicatie oplossingen voor fondsenwervers, media bedrijven en uitgevers. Dit doen we met een passie voor online interactie en het verbinden van mensen en onze kennis over de nieuwste technologieën. Onze oplossingen dragen bij aan uw resultaat door het bereiken en mobiliseren van grote groepen consumenten. Mobillion focust zich op de marktsegmenten fondsenwerving (goede doelen) en media & uitgevers, omdat in deze markten interactie en beleving een belangrijke rol spelen.



Strawberries is an Amsterdam based Full-service internet bureau that focuses on e-business. At Strawberries we believe that an important prerequisite to the realization of a successful e-business project is the demonstration of knowledge in both the areas of usability/design and IT. We always work for our clients clients, setting up the websites explicitly for their customers. We have established a strong fusion of both disciplines; the resulting synergy ensures conceptually sound websites with outstanding user-friendly design and progressive technology. We work for retailers and direct producers, in the B2C as well as B2B market, use the latest techniques (Hybris, Backbase, Hippo, Alterian etc..) and have a high ambition in quality assurance.



Relatieplanet opende in mei 2002 haar online deuren voor relatiezoekend Nederland. Relatieplanet.nl is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot de meest populaire datingsite van Nederland en België. Wij onderscheiden ons van de rest met een nuchtere, veilige en toegankelijke datingwebsite met de beste klantenservice en de meeste singles. Duizenden mensen hebben via Relatieplanet een leuk contact gevonden. Bewijs is de aanhoudende stroom aan succesverhalen.



Hidashhi offers a web based communication platform for voice, video and chat. We provide a free service for consumers and an API for businesses and developers to integrate our services into other applications such as call centers, interactive games and social media.

HiDashHi is a European company. We want to break down walls to create borderless human connections. We encourage developers to play with the world’s most open communications platform.

The worlds within our world can finally be connected. Contact us to discover how or visit our website to immediately pre-register.



Hyves is een sociaal platform dat Nederland verbindt met nieuws, sport en entertainment. Op Hyves gaat het om waardevolle contacten en vriendschappen. Je houdt er altijd contact met je vrienden. Je kunt er samen gamen en discussiëren over de actualiteit op Nu & Straks. Je kunt voetbaluitslagen voorspellen met je vrienden, of huiskamerconcerten bekijken met andere fans. Hyves is een plek om elkaar te vinden. Van iedereen, voor iedereen.



Speurders.nl is de grootste, gratis vraag- en aanbodsite van Nederland waar u sneller, makkelijker en veiliger (oude en nieuwe) producten en diensten kunt kopen en verkopen. En in tegenstelling tot Marktplaats plaatst u uw rubrieksadvertentie bij ons gratis!


Xebia, the services part of Xebia Group, is an international IT consultancy organization where craftsmanship and knowledge management are the key success factor. We have a leading position in:
– Agile business change management, Agile team coaching and Agile Training
– Java and modern web application technologies
– Enterprise Mobile
– BigData Analytics and business solutions
– Specialized outsourcing services on Java and Mobile
– Continuous Delivery solutions, including Middleware Platforms, Release Automation and Provisioning Solutions
– Auditing, Maturity Scan and QA on Java, Mobile, Middleware platforms and Agile



We help financials and large enterprises to upgrade their portal without replacing the current systems in use.

Most portals are outdated and lack customer focus. Backbase delivers next generation portal software with powerful Web 2.0 e-business functionalities to increase revenue and acquire and retain customers.

With Backbase you can turn your portal into a Customer Engagement Platform.


Compuware Uniface

Compuware’s Uniface development environment enables outstanding productivity in building, renewing and integrating large, complex applications. These are easily deployable to all major platforms including the Cloud.