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Agile42 has a proven approach to successful agile implementations. We support you with a full range of coaching services and specialized trainings. Agile transformation across an entire organization involves changes in understanding and practices at the individual, departmental and management levels. After an initial assessment, we can help you see a clear direction and strategy for change. Then our coaches guide you through the transformation and help you define and achieve measurable goals for agility. We use a proven empirical approach for successful agile transitions. Over many years of successful transformations agile42 has developed unique practices and tools, like the Agile Strategy Map, that help you achieve success with a rapid ROI.

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MindTheProduct is an international product community. Started in 2010 with the very first ProductTank meetup in London and followed by the Mind the Product Conference in 2012 it has now grown to consist of 2,500+ members and sold out events in 12 cities around the world.
With this site we want to continue the great discussions we start at those events, and grow and nurture the product management community around the world!

We curate the best of the web, write up our events, share our experiences, and ask you to tell us about yours. Whether you have your own blog and want to cross-post here, have been looking for the right place to talk about your favourite product management topic, or merely want to comment on others’ – we want you to get involved right here

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Rockstart is the startup acceleration company that builds formats to support the growth of startups -new, innovative growth companies- in the first 1000 days. We provide the most promising startups from around the world with access to capital, resources and networks, offering our participants a support infrastructure critical for success.

Our other Sponsors

Aubergine IT

Aubergine IT We are webdevelopers and our goal is to create the most suitable solution with maximum service.

We create web applications, Drupal websites and front-end engineering for customers like RTL Nieuws, Rabobank, Focuscura, Pfizer and JTAG technologies. Drupal: a framework, webshop and (comunity) CMS in one package. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel? Use the power of the Drupal comunity to get what you need. Web applications: do you need even more flexibility? We have a broad experience in creating webapplications, for customers and for ourselves. Prototyping: a functional webapplication in one week. We did it! Perfect for testing, demonstration and ideal to fail cheap so you can improve your product.


TestPeople We are a software testing specialist. We provide businesses an accurate insight into the quality of their information systems. We improve acceptance processes, train personnel, recruit permanent or temporary professionals. We deliver quality to quality with a human touch. Our specializations are: agile (testing), testautomation (framework), mobile application testing. But most of all: we have a lot of fun!


Backbase We help financials and large enterprises to upgrade their portal without replacing the current systems in use. Most portals are outdated and lack customer focus. Backbase delivers next generation portal software with powerful Web 2.0 e-business functionalities to increase revenue and acquire and retain customers. With Backbase you can turn your portal into a Customer Engagement Platform.



Wibu-Systems provides technical solutions for software licensing and protection of software against piracy and reverse engineering. With our CodeMeter solution software vendors and embedded device manufacturers can monetize their Intellectual Property. CodeMeter also safeguards the integrity of data and code against unauthorized alterations by for example hackers or viruses assuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing fraudulent activities. CodeMeter is available as a token with our proprietary ASIC and as a software-only-license based on the unique system characteristics of a system. Both types support numerous strong encryption methods. A license central linked to your back-office system generates and manages the licenses.

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