Schedule 2009

N.B. This page provides information about a past event. Click this link for the most recent ProductCamp Amsterdam.

We’ll open doors on the 18th at 10am. You will get your name tag and we’ll welcome you with coffee.

In the main area, we have a big planning sheet set-up that lists all the sessions of the day. At 10:30am all presenters will pitch their session. All ProductCamp participants will be given two post-its to indicate which sessions they want to attend. Based on preferences we will assign sessions to rooms. We will also give away the first books at this time to all participants who are already there.

Then we have the first session block from 11:00am to 12:00pm. I will send out more details on sessions later this week, but we count on having five parallel break-out sessions during each session block.

We will serve lunch during the break from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. We are still sorting out the different lunch options, but we’ll make sure nobody goes hungry and have some tasty offers from great caterers that we will choose from. Our lunch sponsor Servoy will have the honor to open buffet.

Hopefully everybody is cheery and fed by the beginning of the afternoon. Because at 1:30pm it’s time for the second block of sessions. Again we plan on having five parallel breakout sessions. Details will follow.

We will have worked hard, at least for a Sunday, by 2:30pm – the time to start the discussions and networking over a few drinks. We will first wrap up the day and give away additional books to all those who have been able to stay until the end. Then you will have ample time to meet old friends and former colleagues, make new business connections, discuss new insights you got during one of the sessions or simply relax over a few good brews. Our drinks sponsor MeasureWorks will officially open the borrel which will provide beer on tap, soft drinks and snacks.

The official end is around 4:00pm, but I’m sure there will be more than a few die-hards hitting one of the local pubs for a few more drinks or grab a byte at one of the local restaurants.