The ProductCamp concept

ProductCamp Amsterdam is an unconference: there are no attendees, just participants!

You as a participant shape the program on the day of the conference and decide which sessions you will attend. Because of the format, it is not possible to tell ahead in time which sessions will be hosted. But do not worry, each year we had great sessions, such as:

  • How to let customers not kill your product?
  • How do you balance discovery and delivery?
  • A framework for writing better user stories.
  • Product launch inspiration: sharing experiences on how to launch a new product.
  • Innovation games you can perform to increase customer understanding.

You are encouraged to contribute and organize a session. A session is a great way to address topics that matter in your daily job and to share knowledge with each other.

How do I propose a session?

You can propose a session here.

What does a session look like?

All sessions at ProductCamp are unlike traditional presentations, but a discussion between experts, lead by you, participants. When you propose a session, it needs to fit one of our session formats. To lead a session, you do not have to be an expert. It just needs to be a topic you are interested in.

A session takes 1 hour and the introduction/story should take around 5- 10 minutes. The rest is for discussion.

What different session formats are there?

Birds of a feather

Informal discussion group with shared interests, no pre-planned agenda.


How do you balance discovery and delivery? The host of the session explains their approach for balancing discovery and delivery. The audience pitches in and shares their experience.

Knowledge cafe

Facilitator introduces the topic & poses 1-2 key open-ended questions; break into smaller groups to discuss; come together again to discuss their outcomes


Host explains how they struggle with scaling their product team and what the main obstacles are to working together. The host poses a couple open ended questions and the attendees break into smaller groups to discuss. At the end, the different participants come together again to discuss outcomes.

Show & Tell

e.g. what tools/processes do you use & how to improve?


Host explains their approach to roadmapping and what tools they use for roadmapping.


Tell a story of 10 minutes or less on a particular topic


Host tells a story on how at his company they always listened to customers and did what they wanted. This resulted in an octopus product that was able to do a lot of different things, but was not good at any single thing. How do you let customers not kill your product?


We all know the drill here :-). This is a more traditional format where the host has prepared a presentation.

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