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6 Reasons Not To Come To ProductCamp Amsterdam


February 27, 2019

So, the last couple of weeks we've been writing a lot about ProductCamp and reasons to go. Chances are, you still haven’t bought any tickets yet, though. We totally get why:

  1. It’s all about learning from fellow Product people, and we all know learning stopped being fun in high school.
  2. Getting insights from colleagues from different industries, or maybe even different roles, moves us outside of our comfort zone, which is pretty scary tbh.
  3. We have Steven Haines, best-selling author of “The Product Managers Desk Reference”, as our keynote speaker - that’s just too much inspiration waiting to happen!
  4. You’ll hear about the latest technologies and trends in product development, and nobody likes change.
  5. The event is hosted at the former V&D building; bankruptcy looms ;-).
  6. Coffee, lunch and snacks will be catered, and at the end, there will even be beers. So we’ll have to watch our diet again afterwards, with beach season right around the corner.

Now, all joking aside: ProductCamp Amsterdam is an event for and by product people, so we really need you to make it an awesome event. Put aside any doubt, get your tickets, and meet us and other product people the 31st of March!

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