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ProductCamp Amsterdam

March 1, 2018

As ProductCamp 2018 gets closer, here’s a short intro into the Sessions during the day.

You create the program

As you may know, ProductCamp is an unconference - there are no attendees, just participants! We encourage everyone to contribute and organize a Session. These aren't traditional presentations, but a discussion between experts, lead by you, the participants, in true unconference style:

This is a great way to address topics that are relevant to you and share knowledge with one another.

Calling everyone to host a Session!

If you have a great idea for discussion, if you're desperate to share your expertise with like-minded people, or if you just have a nice story to tell, please don’t hesitate to host a Session:

Potential formats:

On the day itself we'll plan the location and time for all sessions.

Hope you feel inspired and see you March 11th!Read more about Sessions here

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