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Why you should join ProductCamp 2019


January 15, 2019

ProductCamp is a conference organized by product managers for product managers.

If you need some convincing, here are some reasons why you and your co-workers should join this event:

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Everyone is a participant

ProductCamp Amsterdam is all about you. This isn’t a boredom contest, but a yearly sharing of challenges, ideas and experiences in unconference format. You're expected to contribute. Better yet: you decide the programme for the day!

It’s also a great opportunity to bring your co-workers along with you and introduce them to your world. They’ll respect you even more afterwards ;-)

Break-out sessions

Propose a break-out session in the morning and share your thoughts in the afternoon. Peers triggered by your topic will actively engage in the discussion and back  you up or inspire you to make changes for the better. Come prepared if you want to initiate a session. Practice a 2 minute pitch for the plenary morning session and a 5 minute introduction to the topic, so you can spend the rest of the session in discussion with participants.

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Join over 100 other product managers, designers and entrepreneurs from small startups to large corporates and share your experiences - whether  you're a seasoned pro or a rookie!

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