Announcing our keynote speakers

7 Oct

Two great speakers have confirmed to be our keynote speakers at ProductCamp Amsterdam 2014. Both are from Dutch origin and at this moment product managers at Eventbrite and Google. All the way from San Francisco, please welcome Edial Dekker and Robert Gaal!

Robert Gaal (linkedin)
Co-founded Wakoopa in Amsterdam (a social network for software), Karma in New York (share your access to the internet) and now working as a product manager at Google in San Fransisco.
Edial Dekker (linkedin)
Started Your Neighbours (a design studio), then a startup called Gidsy in Berlin, and now working as a product manager at Eventbrite in San Francisco.

Announcing ProductCamp Amsterdam 2014

8 Aug

We’re very happy to announce that the organization of ProductCamp Amsterdam 2014 has started!

We’re currently looking for a location to hold the event, and for sponsors who would like to help us make it all possible.

Please contact us at if you have any tips. We’re open to any feedback and suggestions.

What’s next?

Watch this space! More information will become available in the coming weeks and we’ll keep you posted through the website, our newsletter and Twitter. We will update this site over the coming weeks with information about participants, sessions, sponsors and more. The registration page will also go live soon. So please check back regularly, and spread the word!

Why go to ProductCamp?

The most important reason: there’s nothing quite like it! ProductCamp is the first and only event about product management in the Netherlands.

For most of the people the most important reason is to meet other product managers, share knowledge & experiences and learn new ways to manage products. Not only because it’s fun to meet new product people; some are the only product manager at their company and ProductCamp is a way for them to benchmark ideas and brainstorm about how to deal with challenges.

The Team

Five people have volunteered to help with the organisation this year:

  • Jasper Wognum
  • Ivar Pruijn
  • Iris van de Kieft
  • Thijs Weenk
  • Daniel Crompton